Christel Joosten Vandegehuchtes färgfrossarstund med ungdomar i vårens/tulpanens tecken på Konstrummet. – Tack för glädjespridningen!


Oh! It’s typical me:  Some kind of ”selfie-/nobody-but-me”-situation??!! – Probably… – But I forgot!!! the most important thing in this letter: To congratulate and wish a lot of good things in future to CARLIJN!!! – Now, a bit delated(?..), I do this pleasure anyway… /Peter Hefner
” This Saturday I hosted a birthday party in our atelier Lindholmens Konstrum. I really enjoyed to share my love for art with those 7 teenage girls. With acrylics they created an inspiring birthdaypresent for Carlijn and with soft pastels they could experience how to see the colors in tulips and to visualize it. The whole surrounding made them feel real artists …and they were!!!”  /ChrisP1240229 P1240230 P1240232 P1240234 P1240235


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